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Tarrant County Civil Courthouse

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The courthouse is located at 100 E. Weatherford Street in Fort Worth, Texas, 76102, with the primary entrance on East Weatherford Street. There is no free parking in the immediate area.  Parking ranges in price from coin meters to approx. $8.00. Parking enforcement is high, lot parking is preferred by most regulars. The District Clerk is located on the Fourth Floor.

Drivers not familiar with Fort Worth, may want to leave early or attempt a weekend run through to assure being on time for Court. Free parking is available by using Tandy Center Lot and the Tandy subway. See Court Room Index posted on the first floor of the Courthouse.

All of the courts request litigants, attorneys, and support personnel to be appropriately dressed in “Sunday” clothes. No shorts are allowed at anytime. The courthouse strictly enforces a “No Smoking” city ordinance, while in the county’s buildings. Pagers and cell phones should be turned off or set not to make an audible noise in the court room. Failure to observe these rules in the courtroom may subject one to delay of proceedings and/or contempt.

Tarrant County conducts a search of all persons entering the courthouse using walk through metal detectors and x-ray devices for hand carried items. Be prepared on entering to place keys, cell phones, change, and pagers in tray, if requested. Security personnel may ask you operate your electronic devices to insure they are genuine. Please be reminded that long blade pocket knives and mace like sprays are considered weapons, and may be taken up by the security.

Address:  Tarrant County Civil Courthouse, 100 E. Weatherford St, Fort Worth, Texas 76102


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