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I have been a client of Paula’s. I have sent my children to Paula. I have sent my friends to Paula. She does a remarkable job of taking care of her clients. Unlike some Family Lawyers, Paula understands that eventually, the courtroom phase of the divorce will end and that the parties are going to be left alone to navigate whatever is left of their lives. The lawyers go away. The wreckage doesn’t. I have watched Paula work quietly and consistently to minimize the damage. How about THAT concept?

I love Paula. She is 1 in 10,000.

J. Abbott

Paula is an exceptional and superb attorney. Her ethics are above reproach. She is greatly respected by judges and attorneys alike and is an honor to her profession. I have been acquainted with a number of top notch attorneys, searching for someone who could expertly fight for my family. I luckily found Paula and have been a client of hers for a number of years. I have witnessed her engaging hostile and venomous lawyers with grace, poise and prowess. She is brilliant, efficient, and ethically effective. She works collaboratively in order to resolve the most volatile situations.

I highly recommend her!

S. Teterud

My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Paula for many years. Paula has the knowledge, experience, and the contacts to be highly effective. She has worked very challenging situations for us that always resulted in favorable outcomes. I would never feel comfortable in any legal situation without first consulting with Paula. Additionally, she is a very good person! I highly recommend her professional services.

R. Burns

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