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[12 Sep 2008 | Comments Off | 14,906 views]
Frequently Asked Questions about Wills

Do I need a will? How would my property be distributed if I die with and without a will? How would it effect my children? What is a living will and is it preferable?

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[8 Sep 2008 | Comments Off | 6,048 views]
A Living Trust or a Will?

You Probably Qualify to Make a Will in Texas
You must be at least eighteen (18) years old, married, or in the armed forces, and of sound mind;
A will must be signed by the testator (or “by another person for him by his direction and in his presence”); A will must be attested to by two (2) witnesses above the age of 14 who are credible, i.e., not non compos mentis; and The witnesses who subscribe their names to the will must do so in the presence of the testator.
Afraid …