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[29 Nov 2022 | Comments Off | 14,003 views]
What are Family Law Issues?

Family law encompasses a number of topics and issues such as adoption, paternity matters, divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, alimony, domestic violence and elder law. Addressing these key issues shrewdly can lead to more positive future outcomes.

We offer both office consultations and telephone consultations to assist you in resolving issues that may touch any of these concerns.

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[28 Nov 2022 | Comments Off | 12,524 views]
Texas Adoption Issues

If you’re considering an adoption in your family, you will want to understand what the adoption process means for you. During an appointment, we can outline how adoptions work in Texas, answer any questions you may have and discuss how the laws can work for you.

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[16 Feb 2017 | Comments Off | 11,161 views]
Division of Property

The court will consider a number of different factors to decided whether a disproportionate property division award may be appropriate.

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[15 Feb 2017 | Comments Off | 11,445 views]
Grounds for Divorce

You will want to discuss this issue with your attorney to determine what grounds for divorce may be available to you in your divorce case.

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[31 Aug 2008 | Comments Off | 15,050 views]
Child Support

There is a lot of information about child support that may be pertinent to your case that may be found in the Texas Family Code, or just ask your attorney to fill you in and tell you how the law applies to your particular situation.